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The Biggest of  Smiles

They  all  looked  at each other with a small smile on their faces and they chuckled a little bit saying, “You don’t have to bounce fight us to grow more silly munchies. You can bounce hug us all instead!!.”  Bounce Munch Munch bounced straight up, with the biggest of smiles on his face, and asked, “Can I bounce hug everyone then.”  “Yes,  of  course  you  can  silly,”  they  all  chuckled. Bounce Munch Munch then started to bounce hug  everyone Bounce Bounce Munch was first to be bounced hug and then Twang Munch and finally Splosh Splish Munch. This started everybody bounce hugging everyone in between munching all the way to bed time, for ever and a day.



The End