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Saddest of Faces

Bounce Bounce Munch was ‘bounce bounce’ munching the colourful munchies; Twang Munch was twanging the munchie twang trees and munching, Splish Splosh Munch was splishing, sploshing the munchies in the blue stuff and munching. They all were munching their favourite juicy munchies, except Bounce Munch Munch, who looked so very sad.  “What’s wrong?” they asked him.  Bounce Munch Munch just shrugged and turned away from them.  “Come on, you can tell us.  We're your friends.”  they said nicely. Bounce Munch Munch slowly looked up at them with the saddest of faces and sadly muttered out,  “ I don’t want to bounce fight my bestest friends, just to make these silly munchies grow again.”