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Your Totally Mad

Twang Munch and Splish Splosh Munch, looked at each other  “This is interesting stuff,” they both said.  Bounce Bounce Munch and Bounce Munch Munch  bounced away from each other, then turned and faced the same munchie.  “Let’s go!” shouted Bounce Bounce Munch and they both bounced as fast as they could, each bouncing towards the other, with the munchie in the middle.  Smack! Straight into the munchie they bounced.  It burst into the air, falling as small droplets of juicy colour, landing on the ground. Splish Splosh Munch and Twang Munch’s  mouths dropped to the floor in total shock. Twang Munch started to stutter, “bbbb-but, are you both cccccrazy.”  followed by Splish Splosh Munch screaming, “you’re both totally mad.  You just burst that poor munchie.  Now its gone for good.”  Bounce Bounce Munch and Bounce Munch Munch giggled quite a bit.