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Let’s Show Them

Bounce Bounce Munch looked up and noticed Bounce Munch Munch looking at him, “ why are you looking at me like that?” he asked, Bounce Munch Munch replied excitedly, “Remember way back when we had that big bounce fight?”  “Yes? So?” was his curious reply.  Twang Munch and Splish Splosh Munch look at each other and said “The big bounce fight story” They were very much interested in the big bounce fight story.  Bounce Munch Munch continued, “do you remember?  What happened at the bounce fight?” “Yes, you bounced at me and I bounced at you, until we were both out of puff,” Bounce Bounch Munch answered.  “No!!  Not that.  Remember why we had the big bounce fight and what happened after?” Bounce Munch Munch said eagerly. Tapping his thinker, Bounce Bounce Munch thought for a while.  Suddenly his eyes lit up and he shouted out, “yes, I remember the m…”  He was cut short by Bounce Munch Munch who shouted louder, “don’t tell them!  Let’s show them!”