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Bounce Bounce Munch said, “you’re right. It will take a long time to munch all these munchies, but what will we do when they are all gone?”  “We think again,” was the quick answer from Bounce Munch Munch while still munching “It will be too late then.  It nearly was for you, earlier,” was a quick response back from Splish Splosh Munch. “Ok, as long as I can have a munchie, it will help my thinker think better,” asked Bounce Munch Munch. Twang Munch and Splish Splosh Munch burst out laughing. They both said, “Keep your thinker from thinking.  It’ll be safer for you and us too.” They all agreed to munch a bit, to help their thinkers think. While munching and dreaming of past munchies, Bounce Munch Munch remembered something.  He bounced up and shouted, “I’ve got it!” “Got what?” Twang Munch and Splish Splosh Munch asked.   “The answer to the munchies problem,” and he looked straight at Bounce Bounch Munch who was munching in a beautiful daydream of munchies himself.