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Exhausted and dripping wet with the blue stuff, they finally landed on land, everyone just slumps down gasping for breath while looking wide-eyed at hundreds and hundreds of ground munchies, twang munchies and splish splosh munchies, all eager to munch.  “Gasp, I’m going, gargle, to munch, gasp, all those juicy munchies,” claimed Bounce Munch Munch. He found the strength to bounce up and over to the munchies.  “Wait for me,” gasped Twang Munch.  “I’m coming too,” gargled Splish Splosh Munch, Bounce Bounce Munch was already munching. All three started madly munching their juicy munchies, when suddenly; Bounce Bounce Munch shouted out, “stop!”  They looked at him with annoyed looks.  “What’s wrong?” they mumbled with mouth full of munchies.  “We must think first,” he replied.  “Think of what?” Twang Munch queried.  “I think I know what,” said Splish Splosh Munch who continued “What do we do when these munchies run out?”  Twang Munch and Bounce Munch Munch looked all around and said “don’t be silly there are hundreds and hundreds of munchies.  It’ll take forever to munch them all,” they both laugh and continued to munch.