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Are We There Yet?

They gasped for air as much as they could as they splash splosh their way across the blue stuff. “Are we there yet?” gargled Bounce Munch Munch. “We’ve only just started,” spouted Splish Splosh  Munch.  “Keep splashing,” gurgled Bounce Bounce Munch.  A little while later, Bounce Munch Munch gargled again, “Are we there yet?” “No, you just asked that!” squirted Twang Munch. “But I’m hungry,” gargled Bounce Munch Munch. Their bodies were aching, but they still splished and splashed their way across.  “Are we there yet?” Bounce Munch Munch gurgled again.  “No and stop asking,” was the annoyed reply.  “But I’m hungrier.”  “I can see the shore!  There are loads of munchies,” shouted Bounce Bounce Munch.  This encouraged them onwards and they started to splish and splash faster. “Are we there yet?” he asked once again. “Almost!  Keep splishing and splashing the shore it just over there” answered Bounce Bounce Munch.