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The Tumble

The wobble got even wobblier, until Splish Splosh Munch could not hold firm anymore finally, Bounce Bounce Munch tumbled down followed by Twang Munch and then Bounce Munch Munch.  Everyone was wobbling around on the ground and they couldn't stop giggling or laughing.  “That was so funny,” laughed Twang Munch.  “You wobbled the most,” laughed Bounce Munch Munch.  “You were all too heavy,” giggled Splish Splosh Munch.  “Come on, everyone.  Let’s try again, before we get even greyer with hunger, and let’s get it right this time,” chuckled Bounce Bounce Munch, who was trying to be serious. Bounce Munch Munch cried out, “yes, I’m starving and I’ve gone all grey, let’s do it again without wobbling”