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Bounce Bounce Munch explains his idea.  “Now, we need to practice helping each other.  Splish Splosh Munch you stand by the edge of the blue stuff.  Bounce Munch Munch, you’ll climb on top of him, then Twang Munch, you climb up.  I’ll climb onto you and we bounce into the blue stuff and splish, splash our way across by holding onto each other.”  They all agreed and started to climb.  Bounce Munch Munch was on top of Splish Splosh Munch. When Twang Munch started to climb, they wobbled a bit.  “Hey! Stop wobbling,” he shouted. “Stop tickling, then,” was the reply.  Bounce Bounce Munch started to climb and the wobble got wobblier.  “Steady!” he shouted.  “But he’s tickling me.”  Someone giggled. They wobbled a bit more.  “Whoa!!! Stop giggling I’m going to fall!” shouted Bounce Bounce Munch.