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Idea To Idea

Bounce Munch Munch looked at all of them laughing, with funny blue stuff coming from their eyes.  “Why do you have blue stuff coming out of your eyes?” he questioned.  “Because we are happy that you're back.”  Said Twang Munch. Bounce Munch Munch was now totally confused and hungry.  “Where are my munchies, then?” he asked.  They all laughed even more.  “You never made it, you bounced so far into the blue stuff, so we all splished and splashed our way to save you.”  Bounce Bounce Munch bounced up with excitement from his think.   “ That’s it your idea has given me a great idea.”   They looked at him, as he continued, “we’ll all splish, splash our way across the blue stuff.” “Yes, that's a great idea,” replied Splish Splosh Munch.  Then Twang Munch asked, “what about Bounce Munch Munch, he can’t hold his breath in the blue stuff?”  “That’s OK we’ll all hold on to each other to help him breath”