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Still Here

All of them were wide-eyed as Bounce Munch Munch suddenly bounced straight up and started to bounce back and fore, shouting at Bounce Bounce Munch.  “You want another bounce fight?  Well, come on then!”  Twang Munch and Splish Splosh Munch bounced in front of him, shouting with joy.  “He wasn't bounce fighting you; he was giving you a bounce hug, silly.”  There was a slight pause.  “Why?” asked Bounce Munch Munch. “Because we thought you had gone,” shouted Twang Munch.  There was another quiet pause.  “Gone? I’ve gone nowhere.  I’m still here,” said Bounce Munch Munch and they all laughed with joy, saying "we can see that now silly". Still giggling Twang Munch and Splish Splosh Munch asked “What do you mean, bounce fight again?” Bounce Bounce Munch said “ O! We’ll tell later, I must try and think now”