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Hes Not Moving

They all wobbled and shook the blue stuff off while gasping for their breath back, still dripping they noticed that Bounce Munch Munch was very very still and totally grey. Their gasping stopped.  Look, hes all grey, cried Twang Munch.  Hes not moving, screamed Splish Splosh Munch.  O, Oh, nooo... shouted  Bounce Bounce Munch, started sobbing saying hes my bestist friend ever, sob, why did I make him think, sob, hes no good at thinking? sob, sob .  Twang Munch pointed at Bounce Bounce Munch and said, look hes got blue stuff coming out of his eyes.   Splish Splosh Munch also had blue stuff coming out of his eyes, and so did Twang Munch, but he didnt notice.