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What Do We Do

“What do we do?” “What do we do?”   Twang Munch asked in a bouncy panic.  “We must try to save him,” replied Splish Splosh Munch.  Bounce Bounce Munch had already bounced into the blue stuff, splashing and sploshing his way to his friend.  Twang Munch and Splish Splosh Munch bounced straight in after him.  They splished, sploshed, splashed and gasped for breath, on their way across to reach Bounce Munch Munch, they all grabbed onto him.  “Now let’s splish, splosh and splash our way back, quickly,” Bounce Bounce Munch gargled out. They splished, sploshed splashed and gasped for breath as hard and as fast as they could, to reach the shore. All very tired, they pushed Bounce Munch Munch onto the dry land.