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The Big Bounce

They looked at each other, shaking their heads, realizing it was a foolish and insane idea that wouldn't work at all. They turned to tell Bounce Munch Munch, but he was already on his way, bouncing down the hill.  “Stop!” they all shouted as they frantically bounced after him.  Bounce Munch Munch shouted, “yahoo!” as he bounced the final biggest bounce.  “Splash!” as he landed far away, into the blue stuff.  They all suddenly stopped, in total shocked silence.  Time seemed to stand still forever, until the silence was broken by the shouts of, “help! Gargle, help! Gulp, I can’t, gargle, hold my, gulp, breath.”  Splish Splosh Munch and Twang Munch knew Bounce Munch Munch couldn’t hold his breath and they both started to panic bounce up a down, stop shouted Bounce Bounce Munch we need to save him.