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It Will Work

Bounce Munch Munch bounced straight up and shouted, “I’ve got it!” and they all looked to listened with great interest. He slumped back down again, shaking his head saying, “No, that won’t work.”  Everyone else sighed.  A short while later, he bounced up once more and said, “yes, it will.” then slumped straight back down again saying, “Oh, no it won’t because of that.”  They all tutted at him and went back to think tapping. Finally, Bounce Munch Munch screamed out, “It will work!”  “What will?” asked Splish Splosh Munch with excitement.  “Quick, tell us,” Twang Munch shouted.  Bounce Munch Munch began to explain his idea.  “You see that the blue stuff is long and wide?”  “Yes, yes,” they all answered.  “This hill is nice and high?”  “Yes, yes,” they said again.  “Well, I’ll bounce as fast as I can, down this high hill and do one last big bounce, over the blue stuff, to get some munchies and bounce right back with loads of munchies for us all”