Who's Who

There in front of him is another munchie eating him, in a totally shocked flutter, Bounce Bounce Munch tries to say “who, are, what, where” he finally flutters out    “what are you doing being me”.  There was an awkward silence…………….. Then the reply “I’m not being you, I’m me, who do you think you are, trying to be me”. Bounce Bounce Munch was flabbergasted.   He shouted back “I’m me! Not you, I’ve always been me for as long as I’ve known myself.  It's you who’s copying being me, so stop it right now”. Bounce Munch Munch shouted straight back “I’ve always known me all my life, it’s you who’s not me,” They argue who’s who for a very long time then they both agreed, without agreeing on who’s who.