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I Can See Something

With them all trying to bounce higher, Splish Splosh Munch shouts out  “Can’t see anything over here,” Twang Munch shouts back “Nothing here either,” Bounce Munch Munch replied “None here too”.  “I feel silly bouncing like this,”  said Splish Splosh Munch.   “We must keep looking or we’ll all go grey with hunger”   replied Bounce Bounce Munch who was bouncing the highest. There was a small hill behind them and Bounce Munch Munch headed towards it.  When he got to the top, he bounced high and looked in all directions and there in the distance he saw something on the horizon of the blue stuff and shouted, “I can see something.”  Everyone quickly bounced up the hill and at the top, they could see something, but couldn’t quite make it out.  “Let’s bounce to that bigger hill way over there,” said Twang Munch “good idea” said Bounce Bounce Munch, “did I just have a think,” asked Twang Munch, ” I believe so,”  said Splish Splosh Munch.