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Bouncing High

Bounce Bounce Munch bounced high and then stopped.  They looked at him oddly.   He quickly said “I’ve got an idea.”  Both Twang Munch and Bounce Munch Munch looked at Splish Splosh Munch and said, “See?  We told you his thinker would think an idea.”  “Well, what is this idea?” asked Splish Splosh Munch.  Bounce Bounce Munch started bouncing high again and said, “We must bounce, like this, as high as we can and then look in all directions to find more   munchies.”  “That’s your idea?” questioned Splish Splosh Munch. “His ideas always work,” came back a supporting reply from Twang Munch and Bounce Munch Munch, who had begun bouncing high too, Splish Splosh Munch thought they all looked funny bouncing but he still joined in the bouncing, "higher" shouted Bounce Bounce Munch.