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A Big Problem

For several weeks, they enjoyed their newfound friendship and the munchies all along the shores in the blue stuff.  Early one morning they wake up full of joy and bounced straight into the blue stuff for their morning munchies.  “Splish,” in they bounced, “splosh,” out they bounce, but no one had any munchies.  Bounce Munch Munch, who was waiting for his munchie asked, “Where’s my munchie?” “Splish” in they all bounce again, “Splosh” out they all bounce again no Munchies “There’s none left!” shouted a shocked Twang Munch. “You munched them all,” cried out Bounce Munch Munch.  “You munched them too,” shouted back Twang Munch. “We have a very big problem,” said a really worried Splish Splosh Munch, as he turned to look at Bounce Bounce Munch who was tapping the top of his head, “what you doing” asked Splish Splosh Munch, sshh was the reply from Bounce Bounce Munch.