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A New Best Friend

Everyone enjoyed their munchies from under the blue stuff, except Bounce Munch Munch.  He was still trying to learn how to hold his breath.  “Brrrrrrrrrp,” “brrrrrrrrrrrrp.”  “It’s no good, I can’t do it,” he said.  The rest just giggled and shared their munchies with him.  “This is a great day.  We all have our munchies from the blue stuff and we all have a new best friend,” Bounce Bounce Munch announced to everyone.  “Yes, this is very good,” they all agreed. “Splish, splosh,” they bounced in for more munchies to munch. With the day drawing to dusk, Bounce Bounce Munch said, “I’m going to have a great night’s sleep with my full belly.”   “Me too,” they all snuggled up to one another and fell fast asleep.