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They blew up their cheeks full with breath and just as they were about to bounce into the blue stuff, they heard a funny noise.  “Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp.”  With their cheeks fully blown up, they looked at Bounce Munch Munch.   He was trying to hold his breath, but his was leaking out.  They couldn’t help themselves, as they all burst into laughter. Squeeze your lips tightly together Splish Splosh Munch said. They all blew up their cheeks again and bounced into the blue stuff, quickly they all bounced back out, each with a juicy munchie, all except Bounce Munch Munch, who let out his breath while in the blue stuff.  Gargling and gulping he cried, “it’s no good, I can’t hold my breath.”  “Here, have my munchie.  I’ll get another one,” said Twang Munch, as he gave his munchie to Bounce Munch Munch and he bounced straight back into the blue stuff, even before Bounce Munch Munch could say, “thanks.”