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Hold Your Breath

Splosh, splish, splash.”  Finally they managed to bounce into the blue stuff.  “Gargle, gulp, glug” and they all bounced straight back out again.  “Can’t breathe in the blue stuff,” gargled one of them.  “Nor me,” gurgled the other one. Bounce Bounce Munch and Splish Splosh Munch’s giggles turned into laughter.  Splish Splosh Munch said while giggling still   “you forgot to hold your breath.”      They all looked puzzled.  “Hold our breath? How?” they questioned.  Splish Splosh Munch  laughed again and replied, “like this.”   He puffed up his cheeks, whilst taking a very long deep breath, and kept his lips closed tight for a little while.  “Puffffff,” he went, as he let out his breathe.  “See?  You don’t need to breathe under the blue stuff if you hold your breath.”