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Rumble with Hunger

Bounce Bounce Munch politely asked, Splish Splosh Munch “Can you show us how to get those tasty munchies under the blue stuff?”  Splish Splosh Munch said, “yes, sure, just watch me.”  They all watched very carefully as Splish Splosh Munch bounced into the blue stuff, “splish” and grabbed a munchie. “Splosh” and out he bounced. “Munch” was the sound as he munched his tasty munchie.  They all looked at the juicy munchie being munched by Splish Splosh Munch and their bellies rumbled with hunger.  In a mad panic Twang Munch and Bounce Munch Munch turned towards the blue stuff, bumping and bouncing into and off each other, whilst trying to ready themselves to bounce into the blue stuff. This made Splish Splosh Munch and Bounce Bounce Munch giggle a lot.