Upside Down One

They all slumped down feeling very hungry and annoyed with themselves, because they couldn’t reach the tasty munchies in the blue stuff. After a short while and still feeling very sorry for themselves, they heard this funny noise.  “Splish, splosh, munch.”  They looked at each other and wondered who was making that funny noise. “splish, splosh munch.” It’s coming closer,” Bounce Munch Munch shouted. They all bounced up to look. There, in the distance, they saw the funniest of things.  Someone who looked just like them, but an upside-down one of them, bounced out of the blue stuff and was munching a juicy munchie.  Bounce Bounce Munch shouted “hello, who are you?”  “I’m Splish Splosh Munch, who might you all be?” he shouted back.  This is Twang Munch and Bounce Munch Munch and I’m Bounce Bounce Munch. Both Twang Munch and Bounce Munch Munch were nudging Bounce Bounce Munch and said “ Quick, ask him how he got the munchies from the blue stuff.”  “OK! Stop nudging me, I’ll ask him,” replied Bounce Bounce Munch.