A little Bit Further

Bounce Bounce Munch holds onto Bounce Munch Munch, who holds onto Twang Munch who is stretching far into the blue stuff to grab a juicy munchie.  “A little bit further,” Twang Munch gargled loud. They both lean over further so Twang Munch could reach.  “Gargle, glug, gulp,” was the noise that came from Twang Munch.  “Grab one,” was muffled sound by Bounce Munch Munch because Bounce Bounce Munch was holding onto his mouth.  “Gargle, can’t, gulp, quite, gargle, reach.”  They both pushed him even further, in a panic Twang munch shouts “Gargle, gargle, gulp, pull me, gargle, out, gargle.  Gulp, can’t breathe.”  Bounce Bounce Munch heaved on Bounce Munch Munch, who quickly pulled Twang Munch out of the blue stuff.  “Gargle, gulp.  It’s no good they're just out of reach,” Twang Munch gargled out while dripping in the blue stuff.