Longest Think

Twang Munch and Bounce Munch Munch carefully watched Bounce Bounce Munch tapping his head while he was thinking for the longest time.  “This must be a hard one to solve,” said Twang Munch.  “Yes...he looks like he’s thinking with his entire think,” said Bounce Munch Munch.  “Ah!! Got it,” Bounce Bounce Munch said confidently.  “What have you got?” they both asked.  “A good idea,” replied Bounce Bounce Munch, he continued  “Right.   I’ll hold onto Bounce Munch Munch and he’ll hold onto you, Twang Munch.  Then, you quickly go into the blue stuff, grab the munchies, and then we pull you out”. Twang Munch asked, “why do I have to go into the blue stuff ?”  “Because you’ve got two longest thingies on top,” was the answer.  “Oh, I see,” he said.