Can’t Breathe

They bounce to the edge of the blue stuff.  “Look! There,” pointed Bounce Munch Munch. Sure enough, there, under the blue stuff, were some strange colourful looking munchies. Grey and feeling very hungry they all bounced at the same time straight into the blue stuff.  “Splash, gulp, gargle, gurgle,” are the sounds they all made.  Next, they all bounced straight back out, gasping for breath and dripping with the blue stuff.  “Gulp, I, gulp, can’t breathe,” gulped Twang Munch.  “Gasp! Gargle! Nor me, too,” Bounce Munch Munch spurted out. Whilst trying to wobble off the blue stuff, Bounce Bounce Munch said, “It’s time to think again.” both looked at each other and agreed.