Let’s go and see

Bounce Munch Munch stop at the bottom of a hill, nearly out of puff Twang Munch asked “where is the blue stuff”  "you’ll see once we reach the top of this hill" was the reply. Bounce Bounce Munch said “let’s go then” and started to bounce up the hill. As they all got to the top of the hill, sure enough, they could see loads of blue stuff. “Look! The blue stuff I told you see?” said Bounce Munch Munch.  The blue stuff stretched on forever. “Where are the munchies then?” asked Twang Munch.  “Under the blue stuff,” said Bounce Munch Munch.  “Under???” questioned both Bounce Bounce Munch and Twang Munch.  “Yes, under,” replied Bounce Munch Munch, wondering what all the fuss was about.  “They look different, but they are there.  I saw them,” he replied.  His tone was firm and truthful “Come on then!  Let’s go and see,”  Bounce Bounce Munch shouted as he bounced down the hill, quickly followed by the other two.