Blue Stuff

Bounce Bounce Munch was the first to bounce back.   Just behind him was Twang Munch. “Find any munchies?” asked Bounce Bounce Munch. “Sorry, no.  Did you?” was the reply.  “Saw nothing but grey stems everywhere.”Bounce Bounce Munch said “Where is Bounce Munch Munch?” asked Twang Munch.  “Don’t know.  He should have been back by now,” answered Bounce Bounce Munch. Then they heard, “ 46..40..puff, 39..50.. pant. ” It was Bounce Munch Munch. As he reached them, he was well puffed out.  “Puff, pant, I found some! Pant, puff, I found some!” he repeated in puffing excitement.  Twang Munch eagerly repeated, “Where are they?  Where are they?”  Bounce Munch Munch quickly puffed out, “in the blue stuff.  Bounce Bounce Munch looked oddly at Twang Munch, who looked oddly back at him. “Blue stuff?” they both said.  “Come.  I’ll show you,” said Bounce Munch Munch, as he quickly bounced off in the same direction he came from.  They both quickly bounced after him shouting “wait for us”.