They all kindly shared the very last munchie.  A while later, Bounce Munch Munch cried out, “I’m still hungry,” followed by, “me too.” from Twang Munch.  Bounce Bounce Munch said, “We must keep looking for munchies.” They looked everywhere, day after day. “We’re going grey!” shouted a panicky Twang Munch.  “Oh no!” cried a panicking Bounce Munch Munch.  He turned to Bounce Bounce Munch and said, “ quick!  Do your thinking thing again.”  Twang Munch looked oddly at Bounce Munch Munch and asked, “What’s thinking?”  “I don’t know, but it gives you good ideas,” was the answer.  “What are ideas?” Twang Munch asked again.  “Wait.  You’ll see,” was the reply. Bounce Bounce Munch tapped his head for a while.  He stopped tapping and said, “I’ve got it, we must split up and bounce in different directions, then meet back here after 40 bounces.”  They all agreed and off they bounced in three different directions. 1..3..6.. 2..5..4..7..  Bounce Munch Munch wasn’t that good at counting, but some how he managed.