It was Twang Munch; he opened his eyes and saw both of them holding munchies.  He squeaked, “Give me those munchies, now!”  “No way!!” was the stern reply from Bounce Munch Munch, who continued saying, “I remember when you refused to give me one of your funny munchies.” Twang Munch remembered, but he was very hungry and replied, “I don’t care! Give me those munchies.”  Bounce Munch Munch said, “well I do care, and you’re not….” before he could finish Bounce Bounce Munch said, “you should care and not be too nasty.” as he gave some of his munchies to Twang Munch.  “What are you doing?” screamed Bounce Munch Munch.” don’t you remember how hungry we were when we went grey. replied Bounce Bounce Munch. Bounce Munch Munch also remembered how very bad he felt when hungry and he gave some of his munchies as well, saying, “I’m sorry.”  A little while later, Twang Munch felt much better and greatly thanked them both.  “Would you like to help us look for more munchies?” asked Bounce Munch Munch.  “Oh, yes please,” was his very happy response.