Greyish Thing

Finally, the day came when both could not see any more munchies anywhere, even on the funny looking stems.  Bounce Munch Munch said, “It was clever of me collecting and saving some munchies.”  “Yes, Ok,” said Bounce Bounce Munch in a funny tone.  Just then, they heard a “Moan.”  “Was that you?” asked Bounce Munch Munch.  “No, I think it came from over there,” replied Bounce Bounce Munch, whilst pointing.  Bounce Munch Munch looked in that direction and said, “I see something, it’s over by one of the funny looking stems.”  They quickly bounced over to the stem and stopped suddenly. They couldn’t believe their eyes.  Lying by the bottom of the stem was this greyish thing moaning. Bounce Munch Munch said “look it’s...”