Several days go by, when Bounce Bounce Munch starts to notice the munchies were getting fewer and fewer. “Stop bouncing,” he shouts.  Bounce Munch Munch stopped and looked at him and questions, “why?”  “The munchies are getting less and less,” was the return answer.  Bounce Munch Munch looked around and quickly turned back to Bounce Bounce Munch and said, “that’s because you're too greedy.”  “Don’t be silly.  We munched the same amount of munchies,” came the reply.  “What can we do?” asked Bounce Munch Munch.  “Let me think.”   Bounce Bounce Munch thought for a while.  Then he said,   “I’ve got it!  We collect and save some munchies in case we run out.” “You do have some good ideas, when you think,” replied Bounce Munch Munch.  So they both started to collect munchies, while munching the odd one now and again.