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Morning Wobble

Quiet early the next morning, just as Bounce Bounce Munch was having his firm morning wobble with his nice long stretch to fully wake up, he hears that funny noise again, “bounce munch munch”, he looks all around himself, “that was the same sound I heard yesterday” he thought “it can’t be my echo,  I’ve only just woke up?”. He is now very much wide awake. He taps his head thinking what to do. “If I bounce towards that sound, I should find out what it is”, he thinks. Bounce Bounce Munch gets himself ready to start bouncing in the direction of the funny noise. Now he waits for the funny sound to happen again.  “Bounce munch munch”. That’s the funny noise he’s waiting for. Off he bounces, of course he must munch the lovely munchies on his way.