Who Needs Friends

Bounce Munch Munch bounced very high, but the twang munchies are too high.  Twang Munch started to laugh, this made Bounce Munch Munch try even harder, but he still could not reach. Laughing, even more, Twang Munch tried saying while laughing, “see? they are my munchies, ha, ha, and no one else, he, he, can reach them. ” Bounce Bounce Munch didn’t like what Twang Munch said.  “That’s not very nice.” Said Bounce Bounce Munch.  “Ha, ha.  Who cares?” Twang Munch laughed back at him. Trying to Get his puff back, after bouncing so high, Bounce Munch Munch said,  “Puff, pant, yes, puff, you’re not, pant, our friend.”  And off they bounced.  Twang Munch laughed out to them,“ Who needs friends?”