The High Stretch

Twang Munch reached up high to the munchies on the funny looking stems, as he pulled hard on a munchie the stem bent and swung backward when the munchie pop off, making a twanging noise, and then he munched his lovely munchie. Bounce Bounce Munch and Bounce Munch Munch were surprised to see Twang Munch stretched so high. While Twang Munch was enjoying his tasty munching, Bounce Munch Munch asked, “Why do you munch those high munchies?”  “Because they are tastier and juicier,” was his muffled answer, “Pass me one then,” commended  Bounce Munch Munch.  “Get one yourself!” came the quick answer.  “Ok!  I will,” he replied back, just as quickly.  Twang Munch moved to the side to allow Bounce Munch Munch to try.  “You’ll never reach them,” said Twang Munch.  “Yes I will,” he said confidently, “Go on then” said Twang Munch, “I’m preparing myself” first said Bounce Munch Munch.