Twang Munch

The very next day, they woke up refreshed and happy. As they continued to bounce and munch the lovely munchies they heard a funny sound.  “Twang munch.”  They both stopped bouncing.  “Did you hear that?” one said.  “Yes,” was the reply?   “What was it?”  “Don’t know,” was the answer. They continued bouncing and munching.  “Twang munch.”   “There it is again,” said Bounce Munch Munch, in a worried voice.  “What should we do?” he asked.  Bounce Bounce Munch said, “Let’s go and see.”  Off he bounced in the direction of the sound, leaving his friend behind.  Bounce Munch Munch quickly followed, but stayed hiding behind Bounce Bounce Munch, bouncing to the side now and again, just to check where the sound was coming from.