Let’s Do It

Bounce Bounce Munch looked up at the munchie and firmly said “we need to reach that munchie before we go completely grey, because that would be very bad for us.”  Bounce Munch Munch looked at his friend who was a bit squished from the hard thud and he felt really hungry and guilty.  So he shouted, “Let’s do it.” They both took up their positions again and off  Bounce Bounce Munch bounced and on the final bounce he squished Bounce Munch Munch who pushed bounce really hard.   “ yahoo!” was the loud scream from Bounce Bounce Munch as he went up high, landing right on top of the cliff.  Feeling a bit squished, Bounce Munch Munch looked up at his friend standing next to the juicy munchie with a big smile. "quick hurry you must see" shouted Bounce Bounce Munch.