Too Nervous

Pointing Bounce Bounce Munch said,“ stay by there and get ready to bounce push me up high.”  Then, he bounced backwards a few bounces.  A worried Bounce Munch Munch noticed how far back his friend was bouncing and shouted, “how far back are you going?”  “Not far, “came the reply.  Getting ready to start, Bounce Bounce Munch shouted, “Are you ready?”  “Yes,” was a  nervous answer.  Off he bounced. Through half-closed eyes, Bounce Munch Munch watched each bounce as his friend got closer and closer to bounce and squish him. On the last bounce he moved quickly out of the way leaving Bounce Bounce Munch to land on the ground with a hard thud. “UUUUGH!!” he cried out.  With the wind knocked out of him, he tried to say,“ gasp, why, gasp, did you, gasp, move?”  “You were going to squish me,” was the faint quiet answer from Bounce Munch Munch.