Only a Little Squish

 “That’s it,” shouted Bounce Bounce Munch in an excited voice, “I’ll bounce off you.”  “You’ll bounce off me?”  interrupted  Bounce Munch Munch.  “Yes, I’ll bounce off you to reach the munchie.  It’ll work, you’ll see.” was the reply.  “ But you’ll squish me flat,” Bounce Munch Munch interrupted again in a worried tone.  “True, but only a little squish,” Bounce Bounce Munch reassured him as he continued.  “You’ll help, by bounce pushing me upwards to reach the top.  Then, you bounce high and I'll catch you to pull you up.”  “ How can I?  I’ll be squished,” replied Bounce Munch Munch, in a more worried tone.  “Yes but only a little squish.  You’ll be ok.  It’ll work, I promise you,” replied Bounce Bounce Munch. Not happy, but hungry Bounce Munch Munch finally agreed.