Waking Up

The next morning Bounce Munch Munch wakes up early, feeling very hungry.  “Wake up! Wake up!” he shouted.  Bounce Bounce Munch bounces straight up, still half asleep, and wondered what was happening.  “What's wrong?” he asked urgently.  “I’m starving.  Where’s the idea?”  Bounce Munch Munch sighed.  “Oh! I was too tired. So I went to sleep, hoping the idea would come in the morning.” Bounce Bounce Munch answered, Bounce Munch Munch started too looked around.  “What are you looking for?” asked Bounce Bounce Munch.   “The idea, of course,” was the quick reply.  Bounce Bounce Munch giggled.  “No, silly!” pointing to the top of his head.  “The idea’s come in here.”  “Oh,” came the unsure reply.