Puffed Tired

Bounce Munch Munch started to panic and frantically bounced up and down all over shouting, “I’m going grey!! I’m going grey!!”  Bounce Bounce Munch worried about his friend bounced after him trying to calm him. “Calm down, calm down,” he shouted out.  Eventually totally out of puff again, they both fell to the ground. “Puff, pant.  I’m scared, puff, really tired too, pant,” gasping Bounce Munch Munch said. “Puff, try and get some sleep, pant. Bounce Bounce Munch replied  I’ll do some more thinking,”.  “Thinking.  Puff, you’re good at that, pant”  Bounce Munch Munch answered back while yawning a big yawn and falls asleep. Bounce Bounce Munch too tried to think puffed and tired for ideas.  He also falls asleep, hoping an idea would come in the morning.