Feeling hungry and worried Bounce Munch Munch asked “What do we do now for munchies”.  “Let me think” replied Bounce Bounce Munch. “Think? What is think” asked Bounce Munch Munch. “shhh, I’m still thinking” “thinking?” inquired Bounce Munch Munch again. Just then Bounce Bounce said “I’ve got an idea” “idea?” asked Bounce Munch Munch still in a questionable tone. “Shhh, let me tell you” replied Bounce Bounce Munch and he continued “ there are no munchies as far as our eyes can see, right so we must go further away to find more munchies”. “I like that idea” Bounce Munch Munch said so they bounce off together looking for more munchies only finding one or two which they both shared, then they carried on bouncing.