Your Move oil on canvas1285cmx840cm

Your Move W



We have a crumbling hole in the sky to the top left, this represents god’s thump of anger showing us the wonders of the universe and the many worlds open to us, if we don’t spoil this one. Flowing below this hole you see his forcefulness cracking down the sky across the mountain top, opening along the land, showing our faults in burying our nuke waste into mother earth. This crack continues en route over and onto the board of life, encircling the church’s figure and the politicians, trying to shake God’s warning into them all. Life is not a game it is life.

On the left side we have lovely green fertile land, great trees and livestock grazing, in the distance you’ll see food storage buildings, like a reverse mirror image across to the right side on the left, you’ll see dried cracking unfertile dusty land, dead trees, people carrying their dead and dying family and friends, all to be buried. Opposite those food storage buildings on the right, on the left we have millions of mouths waiting for food to survive and live.

At the back of the game board on the left side of the poor we have a wooden structure; they are trying to bridge the gap between right and left. On the rich side we have a sign, saying “new bridge under construction" with many sicker across it saying, "delayed until further notice."On the game board, the rich have their men in pin striped suits; these are the pawns doing what they need to do to keep the game moving in favour of the rich. Then we have the missile which represents the army or knight in this game keeping the power on the right side.

There is the office block their castles producing the red tape to flow. At the middle of this is the king of business who keeps the balance of riches flowing in their direction.

The bishop in his robes of gold with his eyes closed and the queen size pile of politicians talking, listening and twisting more and more red tape around the situation.

On the poor side we have two children trying to keep there faith upright in the cross of their king. Their castle is some make shift bits to help cover their young’s future. Their pawn's sitting helpless not knowing what to do. The aid worker in the distance is their bishop trying to do what they can, but with his hands tied with that red tape. The last is their forceful knight with enough strength to throw a stone in anger.

The board on the rich side shows their wealth in the marble squares and gold rim. On the poor side we have wood squares and a stone rim, to them that is their only riches.

Above in the clouds we have the next generation looking down in disbelief, two stands helpless and one trying to put the world back together, what a task we leave this generation.

If you have any knowledge of chess you will see that from the position of the rich pieces they can check mate next move, and if you look further you'll also see that the poor can also check mate next move.

This brings up the question whose move is it; well the title says it all “You Move”


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